Luxury Mood, Luxury Candle

Luxury Mood, Luxury Candle

Enhance any mood with Skin Elix Candles!

If you love our candles or wonder which one you should get? Keep reading! In this blog, we will give you the history behind the candles and tell you which is the CEO's favorite to burn to help you choose the right one to buy.

At Skin Elix, everything we sell is solely due to the CEO's love for it. Back in late 2019, she made her first small personal candle like all the other products, it was relaxing to make and soothing to burn. After 2 years of making her own and sending them to friends, that's when she got the idea to make them and sell the
luxury candles to customers.

In 2022, Trip To Vice City hit the scene. It became an instant fan favorite, not just for customers but for the CEO herself.

What makes our candles Luxury?

It is made with coconut soy wax and has 75+ hours of burn time with a great
cold and hot throw!

How the owner uses it to relax

Being from a small country town, after a long day of work, after cleaning or just lighting candle for the ambiance, She loves to hear the sound of the wooden wick crackling. Not only is it soothing, but it also gives her a sense of home and comfort. Oh! Let's not forget, it also comes in handy during a power outage. It's
bright enough to light up a room!

So which one should you buy?

You can never go wrong with 'Trip To Vice City'. It's a universal candle that can be used as an order neutralizer or just to create a crisp clean air in a room. 


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