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Skin Elix

Skin Elix Lip Kit Set

Skin Elix Lip Kit Set

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Looking to have softer lips? Look no further! We have the perfect lip kit duo right for you. We've put together the best lip scrub for dry lips and a fan favorite, the Vegan LipLux Oil for hydrating lips!

The application is just a few easy steps!

  1. Apply the Exfoliating Lip Scrub to get rid of unwanted dry and peeling skin.
  2. Work it into the lips for 20-30 secs. Rinse it off and pat the lips dry!
  3. And finally, apply the Vegan LipLux Oil to lock in moisture and Voilà— sexy, silk, smooth lips that are outright kissable!

*Do this at night for an overnight lip treatment mask to even better results in the morning!*

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